¡Fo Reels, Yo! (...and for rants, and for other things too.)

Proving the third time a charm, Siren Screen Series kicks off its third annual installment on December 14th at Brooklyn's Black Horse Pub.  Alums of the world famous Coney Island Film Festival gather once again to showcase their Coney-based short films and raise funds for the Save Coney Island cause.  

This year's schedule features our biggest ever array of award winning filmmakers.  Included to the lineup; Charlie Denson, Howie Alex, a collaboration featuring Emmy winner Jesse Dylan and best selling author Larry "Ratso" Sloman, as well as many more.  Balancing the collection of short films, a scheduled performance by the incomparable and unstoppable Kryssy Kocktail!

WHO:  An all-star collection of local filmmakers, all united with the common goal of promoting Coney Island.  

WHAT:  “Siren Screen Series 3,″ a benefit for Save Coney Island.  Tickets are $10.  

WHERE:  Black Horse Pub – 568 5th Avenue (@16th Street) Brooklyn, NY.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 14th,  8:00 P.M. 

WHY: Because this is way cooler than your office X-Mas party!

A sneak peek of the upcoming schedule:

Avenue X - Phil Roc - 15 mins (narrative, 2004)
August and Max like cars, girls, and video games -- they're typical New York teens. They're also deaf. The pair whiles away the day scamming money from a bodega owner, visiting Max's uncle on dangerous Avenue X, and ultimately making their way to Coney Island to ride the world famous Cyclone.
Saving the Sideshow - Mahawish Rezvi/Rebecca Huval - 18 mins (doc, 2010)
For more than a century, Coney Island has harbored freak shows, sideshows, oddities and oddballs. Recently however the sideshow has become endangered. Coney Island gentrification has threatened the neighborhood's weirdness, and digital entertainment, has drawn audiences away from live shows. To preserve the art form, performer Adam (RealMan) Rinn teaches death-defying stunts to students from across the country. The doc follows newbies as they learn to conquer fears, breathe fire, and in their own small way, save the sideshow.
Shoot the Freak - Veronica Lopez - 9 mins (doc, 2011)
Shoot the Freak shocked and delighted Coney Island boardwalk visitors for over a decade.  In this piece, barker and occasional freak Jay guides us through a life he has shared with his friends every summer since the attraction opened and gives us a glimpse of his evolving world on the outside.
CI: Secrets of the Universe - Charlie Denson - 6 mins (experimental, 2010)
Coney's iconic cosmology comes into play when a mysterious crypto-governmental force seeks domination of the island. Secrets of the Universe probes Coney Island's hyper-mythological role in fantasy, neo-symbolism, and the infinite!
Coney - Jesse Dylan - 11 mins (narrative, 1987)
Written by best selling author, Larry "Ratso" Sloman, Coney chronicles an improbable friendship between an old Italian local and a young black rapper.  The ensemble cast includes the late Vincent Gardenia, Don King and Al Goldstein.
Springtime in November - Jane Dorogoyer - 8 mins (doc, 2010)
A pastiche of playful images and heartfelt emotions fill this piece on the Coney Island Polar Bear Club's first wintertime swim of the season.  Brooklyn's Jane Dorogoyer captures the participants' joyful celebration of the ocean, winter weather and Coney's uniqueness. Through cinema verite techniques, juxtaposed images and the words of the "Polar Bears" themselves, the audience is provided with an amusing tour of one of New York City's distinctive communities and the iconic place where that community gathers.  Also included is a soundtrack from The Crazy Piano Guy's street performances recorded by Ms. Dorogoyer.
January 1st - Howie Alex - 2 mins (experimental, 2008)
The new year usually opens with a day of rest in most parts of the country, if not the world.  Coney Island is not most parts of the world. Award winning filmmaker, Howie Alex, captures the Polar Bear Club's biggest celebration as New York's most historic strip of sand is bombarded by a different type of beach goers.
The Blue Umbrella - Amanda Jencsik/Chris De Pierro - 4 mins (narrative, 2011)
A cold dark night in the barren alleys of America's Playground featuring a beautiful damsel in distress and her crazed pursuer. Can anything stop this obsessive stalker?  This comedic noir proves that one thing can indeed.

The Great Coney Island Egg Toss - Sean Roman - 8 minutes (doc, 2011)
While Coney Island is famous for basketball, handball, beach volleyball and once a year, the Nathan's Hotdog eating contest, a new sport is now emerging off its shores.  As visitors cram Stillwell Avenue to watch the gastronomically abusive put down franks, just blocks away on West 5th Street, locals gather to watch and partake in a different type of food related activity. 
In all that's nine films in one night  to entertain Coney lovers of all ages from within the friendly confines of Black Horse Pub.  Also on display throughout the night, the beautiful Coney-based artwork from Bensonhurst native, Alicia Degener.  Her work, like the paintings below, will be available for sale with a 10% commission going to Save Coney Island.
...And bringing it all together while holding court, our special Mistress of Ceremonies, indie actress sensation and mermaid in a former life, Ms. Molly Ryman!
Note: Program subject to change.